Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Save a Life

I saved a man's life

Did you know that?

I remember it like it was

His body was slumped over
in the front seat of his car
his chest caved in and
his lung punctured and
he was, I think,
bleeding internally.

I traveled back from
a deep deep meditative
through the fabric of time
and space
through the barriers of
through decades, maybe,
of not knowing him
to meet him for the first time and
I traveled back through
the deep deep pit of his

I sat with him in the car
with one hand on his shoulder and
the other over his heart
and I said breathe, my friend,
You can't go now, come back,
your work here isn't finished.
I'm sorry, but it's not.
It's a beautiful world, really
it is.
Step into
the Light and breathe.
And I prayed to the Gods
of the Universe and
all the angels in heaven on his
to save him from the
darkness, to save him from

And I saw the Light shine down
from the far heavens above
and it beamed through the stratosphere
it beamed through time and space and
it beamed through the roof of the car and
it beamed through his despair and
it beamed into his heart and lungs and
mind and spirit and
I prayed and chanted and
the drums beat
far off somewhere and
the choirs sang and I
whispered and rocked and
I know you don't believe me
but he pulled in a
deep deep breath and
filled his one remaining lung and
he came back from the deep
deep darkness
and the Light shone on him and
the ambulance came and
they saved his life
and I don't think
he's forgiven me


June 22, 2009

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