Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I’ve come to this place

of rest
for silence
But find instead
a cacophony
a symphony
an overload
a superabundance
of noise.

The stairs – and my knees –
creak no matter how
softly I tread.

The doors stick and squeal and
the hooks and eyes
click and ping.

Leaves rustle, birds ca-caw
and whistle and whoop
and chainsaws –
and big trucks and lawnmowers
spew their noises and smells
into the air.

Even the flagpole and the flag it waves
has something to say --
mostly clang and pop, it says.

And the ocean – oh the ocean!
the noise I came for
the sound I longed for
the hush and shush my body
(oh – more, please)
is almost, but
not quite
loud enough.

There are moments, though
when there is…

When the breeze dies down
when the workmen
take a break.

Even the voice in my head --
there is
only the one, thankfully,
but it does
have a lot to say –
is quiet sometimes
when I’ve hushed it long enough
and hard enough.

Shhh, I whisper to it.
Shhh…I’m listening.

And yes, I can hear you.

October 2007