Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Long Walk

I walked the labyrinth

at twilight.

I bowed at the entrance.

I walked with my hands
in the prayer position
close to my heart.

I began to chant, silently
without any plan.

I am,
I said.

I am,
I said again.

I am.
I am powerful
I am strong
I am a friend
I am a lover
I am a mother
I am a woman
I am one with God
I am
I am
I am
until the final
at which I said,

I am
at your service.

I wept.

I turned to go back to
my life and once again
began to chant,
without any plan,

I bring
I bring
I bring
I bring my strength
I bring my wisdom
I bring my femininity
I bring my power
I bring my sexuality
I bring my warmth
I bring my humor
I bring my love
I bring my compassion

I bring the love of God
I bring the love of Christ.

I bowed at the exit.

Turning, hands in prayer position,


October 2007