Friday, June 12, 2009

Love Heart

So this former junkie named Ted
sane as all get-out now
always tracks me down 

at the end of the Saturday morning meeting
for his hug.

We never say a word, except
“How are you?” I say,
and he says,
“Getting better.”

And then we stand there for,
I mean it,
like five minutes
in a big, nearly full body embrace
and I just pour my Love Heart
into him, fill him up with it
the unbounded joy in living
the raucous laughter in tears
the knowledge that we are all alone
and that, really,
it’s really really ok that we are.

And so then Ted goes about his business
heads back to his wife and his life
with a spring in his step
that is now a little more steppier
and I am lit up and glowing
from sharing the Light with a fellow traveler.

June 12, 2009