Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So you say

you’re an atheist.
You don’t believe in
anything, or in God,
or that there’s anything
special or unique
in the universe, nothing particular
that cares for you or attends to you.


But tell me this:

What do you think about
as you lie in the grass
contemplating the clouds and
the blue backdrop on which
they are sketched –
the cumulus, the nimbus,
the stratus all
laid out for your eyes to feast upon,
especially, my friend,
on days when
layers and layers
of clouds glide across the
face of the earth
at varying speeds and
in a multitude of configurations.

OK, fine.

So you don’t worship the creator,
if there is one, and
I think it’s simply that
deep, deep, deep
just before the
that was the Big Bang,
that reverberating
heartbeat of
that set the universe
in motion.


But what do you think of the creation?

October 2007