Sunday, June 14, 2009

What if

What if 
I am pouring out my 
Love Heart
sending out my
Love Corona
like radio waves 
to the peoples of 
the planet Earth -
Love One Another
Love One Another -
like a pulsar (or maybe a quasar) 
from the vast reaches of space and

what if 
I hug the ex-junkie every Saturday morning
and smile my love and hope and peace
at the homeless guys who hold the door for me and
what if 
I recognize fellow travelers who
are on the Path of Light
who vibrate at a higher frequency
from most everybody else and 
what if
I pour my heart out to those who are hurt
and frightened and offer them a safe space
to just be and 

what if
day after day
I keep overflowing 
with happiness
and keep pouring out 
this Light
and keep on reflecting the 
Love of God
and what if 
I keep shining
as brightly as I can
to Light up the darkness
for others to see and
what if, 
you know, 
just what if
right at this moment
just at this moment
I'm burning like a lightbulb
that shines its brightest
that burns its hottest
just before it
blows out. 

June 14, 2009