Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free Fall

So it's like this: 

Say you strap yourself 
into a parachute
all buckles and canvas
and ripcords and thrill
and you climb onto a plane
and you travel, oh, 
say ten thousand feet or so
into the stratosphere
into the bluest sky 
you ever saw 
and say you're thrilled and terrified
at what you're about to do
but you do it anyway 
because sometimes 
a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity only comes
once (or maybe twice)
in a life time. 

So say the time comes
to leap out of that plane
and experience the unique
and nonstop fall fall fall
to the blue orb of the earth
floating and spinning 
on nothing but air 
as you fall and fall
and it's one of the wildest
most exhilarating rides
you've ever been on and 
everything in the world 
is lit up and brighter and 
more colorful than ever
and your insides quiver
and ache with the pure joy
and adrenaline rush of that 
free fall that feels like love

and say you scream out
loud raucous laughter and
then the ground comes closer
and you don't want the ride to end
you want it to go on and on
but end it does,  
it very suddenly 
and very painfully does end with
a broken foot, say, the snap so loud
in the cool blue air as you hit the ground
going way too fast and the pain 
is excruciating
and so sudden and you 
can't catch your breath for a while
you can't really draw a deep breath
for a bit but eventually you can again
and so I have to ask you, 

Which part of that experience
would you remember?
Which part would you 
keep closest to your heart? 
Which part -- the pain of the landing
or the wild joy of the ride?

July 12, 2009 

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  1. That was incredible!!! I loved it...