Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Homecoming

Ahhh, there you guys are. 

Where have you been?
I missed you! 

Welcome home, my Friends
old Power old pal
old Joy old buddy. 

Yes, of course there's room for you
both of you
now that sadness and discouragement
have (mostly)
left the building.

So, what shall we do today?
Scale a few walls?
Leap a few tall buildings?
Save a few planets?

Wash the dishes, go for a walk,
visit with a friend?  Notice the trees 
and the birds and the clouds?

That's all? 

Oh! And breathe very very very
deeply into every cell of my body
and only feel the tiniest pinprick
of pain deep in my belly
where the breath gets caught in the 
Briars of Disappointment?

Oh, yes, I can do that and 
with infinite gratitude
at your return.  

Welcome home, my friends.
Welcome back.
This place would not be the same
without you. 

July 9, 2009 

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