Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Courage and Cowardice

Cowardice is hiding behind a Mask

you present to the world

one of Competence and Perfection

and no Flaws or Vulnerabilities or

Weaknesses showing anywhere.


Courage is slowly and gently taking off that Mask

a little at a time to reveal your True Self

and then hanging it on the Wall

and being able to point to it

and laugh at yourself for ever needing 

to wear it at all.


Cowardice is pretending All is Well

when it Most Definitely is not

and putting on a Show every day

so the real Pangs and Hurts of life stay in the shadows.


Courage is saying, Oh my God, I am dying

I am aching, I am in so much pain right now

and letting yourself fall to your knees saying,

Please help me, I can’t pretend anymore.


Cowardice is telling and living such Big Falsehoods

things you tell yourself and others

things that make you Look Good and Not Messy At All

that you back yourself into such a Big Lie that

when it’s time to Tell the Truth all you can bear to say is

“I can’t do this, it’s too real.”


Courage is being able to Tell on yourself,

to say, “I’m scared, I’m hurt, I’m lonely,

I don’t know how to do this and

I’m afraid you won’t Love me if you know how Weak I am right now,”

even if it makes you More Afraid when you say it Out Loud.


Courage is being able to stand still

to speak the truth

to yourself and to another

to reveal who you truly are

warts and fears and insecurities and all

to know that you are deeply and

infinitely loved and lovable

exactly as you are in this moment

and in every moment that follows.

July 7, 2009

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