Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adrift on White Pond

Like the five-pointed star
that I am
I let myself float
on the water as if 
it were sky
held up by forces
I cannot control or see
or, I confess, 
truly understand.
Aloft and adrift on the water
I am an angel
my wings spread
my invisible feathers billowing out
from me, 
and I rest. 

I rest on the surface
of the water
knowing in my heart
and deep in my soul
deep in the core of my being 
that I am the water
that holds me up
I am that angel
with the powerful wings
I am that five-pointed star
that floats in the sky.
I am made 
of the very same material
as everything in the universe
there is no real difference 
between me and the water
between me and the star
between me and that angel
I long to be.

I float and drift 
knowing everything 
I touch and taste 
and feel and smell
knowing everyone I miss 
 ~ especially you ~
knowing those I love and 
can only imagine
that we are all the same
we are all one
there is no real difference
between any of us 
except the form we 
opt to take 
and the adventures 
we decide to embark on
and the lessons 
we choose to learn 
and the lessons
we choose to teach 
and yet

I know in my bones 
and in my heart
which is also your heart
that we are all the same
and yet so very different 
and we are all
so fiercely 
oh so very fiercely!
deeply, unequivocally
and irrevocably

August 1, 2009

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