Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Tattoo Gods


When I was introduced 
to the Tattoo gods
for the first time
I was horrified. 

"Wait, I have to appease them, too?"
I asked. 

My tattoo guy just smiled and said,
"Yeah. Yeah you do." 

And he took up his needle 
all buzzing and humming
and he pierced my skin
with the colors of truth
and all the bright lights went out
and we danced around the bonfire
and someone beat the drums
and someone yelled like a native 
and the Tattoo gods just smiled
and every permutation of
everyone I've ever been
flashed through my mind. 

I sat in my car afterward 
with this creature on my arm
the Fairy that is me
all beauty and light
and I sobbed and I cried 
and then
a red dragon
wrapped itself around me
all firy and red 
and light-filled and scaly
and I knew the Tattoo gods
weren't done with me yet.

September 11, 2009 

Monday, September 14, 2009


Many weeks ago now
decades ago now
eons ago now
I met Betrayal
for the first time
in my life.

He is not
a handsome creature.

Here I am, Betrayal said
on that early Sunday morning
with his big fat grin,
his teeth all showing like a shark’s.
Are you ready for another lesson
on your fancy road to Enlightenment?
Hah! he answered himself gleefully.
Of course you are not,
but here I am anyway.

He danced around the room
and mocked me openly
waving his sword around
as if he owned the place. 

And I stood there helplessly
as he handed that sword
to the unwitting human
he’d chosen for his work.

And that unwitting human
thoughtlessly and easily
bowed to Betrayal
as he took up that dark sword
and cut deep into my belly
and sliced up to my throat
and opened up a wound that
totally exposed and
completely revealed
my totally real
and completely open
and loudly beating
and the red blood poured out
and puddled on the floor
and Betrayal stepped over it
in his fucking little flip-flops
and his backwards little hat
stepped right the hell over it
as if he didn’t even see it
as if he didn’t even feel
its heat.
September 11, 2009 
 –verb (used with object)
to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty
to be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling
to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to
to reveal or disclose in violation of confidence
to reveal unconsciously something one would preferably conceal
to show or exhibit; reveal; disclose
to deceive, misguide, or corrupt
to seduce and desert.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last Night


So last night I went for it.
I brought my sleeping bag to the field
and lay on the wet grass
under the full moon
and soothed by the rhythm
of the peeping frogs
I pulled the moon and the stars
deep into my pores,
and felt the wind in the trees
as if they were my own hair,
and way off in the distance,
I swear to you,
someone was playing a Jackson Five album.

June 7, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Knowing


This pathway through the woods
is the landscape of my Soul
made eerily manifest.
Pulled by the dark vines of worry
and tripped by the hard roots of fear
I am soothed by the artist of loved Brother Sky
who pulls me dreaming to himself
to create.
I hear the quiet invitation
from the breezy marsh to rest,
and the call of the trail
whispers silently to explore
to fearlessly move forward
and not look back
knowing deep in my bones
and in the ground of my being
that I am held very tightly
on this lushly green rock
this gorgeous blue orb
of Mother-Sister Earth
and I truly understand
for the first time ever
She will never
not ever
never ever
let me go.

September 11, 2009