Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Tattoo Gods

When I was introduced 
to the Tattoo gods
for the first time
I was horrified. 

"Wait, I have to appease them, too?"
I asked. 

My tattoo guy just smiled and said,
"Yeah. Yeah you do." 

And he took up his needle 
all buzzing and humming
and he pierced my skin
with the colors of truth
and all the bright lights went out
and we danced around the bonfire
and someone beat the drums
and someone yelled like a native 
and the Tattoo gods just smiled
and every permutation of
everyone I've ever been
flashed through my mind. 

I sat in my car afterward 
with this creature on my arm
the Fairy that is me
all beauty and light
and I sobbed and I cried 
and then
a red dragon
wrapped itself around me
all firy and red 
and light-filled and scaly
and I knew the Tattoo gods
weren't done with me yet.

September 11, 2009