Monday, May 17, 2010

The Offering

As I walked the Earth today
She seemed so much more
than just a friendly place.
I mean, I have always felt Her warmth
and been aware of Her benign nature.
Mother-Sister Earth has always welcomed me,
greeted me like an old friend,
opened Her arms to me
as I pass through on my way
to somewhere else.
No, I mean today She did not sit quietly
and passively as I walked by,
restfully growing and doing Her thing.

No, I mean, today I saw Her for what She is
as She actively reached out to me,
spoke to me in Her silent way,
offered Her healing and comfort and cleansing powers;
as She waved leaves at me and fluttered flowers --
the “aerial parts” ripe for the picking --
and as roots waited deep below the Earth
to be dug and made into a drought,
as the warrior plants held their protective stance
as the domesticated plants pretended to be tame

I saw the Earth for what She is:
a superabundance of riches, a plethora of power,
a cornucopia of treasures eager to be made into healing potions
and cleansing teas and soothing salves,
warming poultices and calming baths
for the good of me and you.
And She wanted me to, I swear, unlock the mysteries of the names
Of these quiet non-sentient but still loving beings
that each holds its own power to serve.
The Earth is not benign and passive, as I once thought.
Oh no, no, no, not at all.
Oh, quite the contrary.
She is actively offering

to me.

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