Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holy Terror

I am utterly terrified of being suffocated
in the daily round of boxed-in drudgery, 
stretched on the rack of irrepressible obligation
and hung by my thumbs in an airless room
full of expectation. 

Instead I want to grow wings and take flight,
to leave the dense pull of earth's gravity,
to unhook from the weight of ordinariness
and pedestrian concerns
and soar to the moon-glow 
and bathe in it,
to float free among the star-sparkle
and feel its delicate drifting against my skin,
to lay under a tree and tickle my toes 
in cloud fog, to take 

what is ordinary
and hold it up to that certain angle of light
and reveal it for what it is --
bright and secret droplets of 
LoveBlood that bubble up from
that deep, deep well in the
Heart of the Divine.