Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Editing Room

I want to take
the film of my life

unspool it from
the metal canister 
which holds it 
unravel the black and white images
and run them through my fingertips

and in just the right places
~snip snip snip~
with my sharpest and most deadliest
edit out the "bad" parts:
the embarrassing moments,
the hours full of grief,
the rage that distorted my face,
to snip snip snip
and let the pieces fall
where they may
to be left forgotten
to curl up and fade
on the tear-darkened earth
of God's cutting room floor.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Temple

If my body is a temple
then I think 
you should come inside
and worship.

But please, 
remove your shoes first,
leave them
in the outer courtyard
before you carefully
and with permission
cross into 'Temenos,'
the sacred space
of all temples,
beyond that invisible boundary
between you and me.

Leave your weapons
and defenses
outside the door.
You will not need them

But bring, if you will,
all the courage you can possibly
all the dragon-slaying power
you possess
all the spirit-warrior wisdom
you claim as your own
and especially bring 
all the stamina
you have ever needed to call upon
because you will
most definitely
need it.