Friday, June 15, 2012


There's a poison
running through my veins
as ancient as the sea
as stealthy as the wind
which has lived here so long
I can sometimes almost forget
it is there.

There's a poison in my veins
running deeply and dark-ish
and bright lit and golden
through small nooks and crannies
through deep bones and muscles
through bloody red organs and
soft, tender tissue
like bright dreams and hope
and deep, deep desire
for some other 

There's a poison in my veins
that reminds me of you
and feels just like you
and tastes just like you
and is just as hard to extract
as you
or maybe
it really is you. 

But this poison in my veins
takes space inside my body
and space inside my heart
where the Sacred 
and the Beloved 
should live 

So please, could you please
I'm begging anyone, please
put your mouth right here
put your lips right there
yes, right over my heart, please
draw out that dark poison 
and spit it on the ground, please
let me be free
finally free 
of that luscious dark poison
from the sweet, 
of you. 

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