Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Gifts

What made my birthday particularly awesome? It’s the little things. 

 • Woken up by Muse’s “Madness” at 5:30 a.m. and hearing it again on the way to work 

• My baby sister texting me birthday wishes eight minutes later 
• My 17 year old son remembering what day it is without being prompted 
• A text from a best friend to tell me she was on the trail of resolving a long-standing problem 
 • Arriving to work to see lots of Facebook friends wishing me Happy Birthday 
• A gratitude-filled birthday wish and a poem from Ted 
• Texts and calls from friends and family 
• Beautiful flowers and gluten-free cookies from my boss and co-worker 
• Confirmation of my visit to Bridge OTW tomorrow 
• Day off tomorrow 
• My paycheck two days early because I belong to a credit union 
• Official acceptance onto the Lexington Housing Partnership Board 
• Plans for the weekend, including a kirtan and dancing 
• A text from my little brother 
• Birthday cake made by Chris and Lily (gluten-free) and dinner with all three of my sons 
• A card from my mom and two wonderful friends, one of whom is an incredible photographer 
• “I Won’t Give up” by Jason Miraz on the way home from work 
 • Two episodes of NCIS. Gibbs. Yeah. 

 The only downside was Lily’s upset at the end of the day, after her friend Lisa left. ☹

The thing is, most days are like this (minus the birthday wishes). Peaceful, loving, and happy. 

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  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude of gratitude!!! Oh and " Happy Birthday"