Monday, October 22, 2012

Bring Me...

Don’t try to entertain me;
I have no wish or need for
stories of your heroism
you think will impress me.
I am not looking for a hero
or a masked crusader, some figment of
your imagination who wears
a cape and silly little tights,
someone who thinks they can rescue me,
or that I want to be rescued.

Do not, I beg of you,
bring your most charming self
to me. 
Leave him somewhere else
because I don’t want him,
because I am done with
the Charmers of this world
with their smooth talk and busy
hands, their mouths full of lies
and promises they will not keep.

Bring me, instead, your broken open heart
and show me the scars,
the places where it’s healed over,
show me the moments your courage
was the only thing you had.
Bring me your longings and dreams and
tell me how you hope to meet them
in broad daylight or
in the dark of night,

Bring me the music of your soul’s poetry,
show me how you dance when you are alone,
tell me the prayers you say in a whisper in case
someone is listening and they might come true.
Bring your whole self to me and all of your heart
(not a sliver or a half - all of it. Otherwise,
I don’t want it).

Hold my hand and tell me the truth,
tell me the truth, tell me the truth,
and lean into the energy between us
and rest. 

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