Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, Loneliness

Oh, Loneliness,
Old Buddy
Old Pal.
I am sorry to say that
it is not so good
to see you.

I was just bragging
the other day
but only to myself
that I am such a champ
at making friends
with you
(so easy for me to say
when you were
so far away)
but now you have moved closer
and even had the audacity 
to claim your squatting rights
just behind my belly button
with your swirling, 
quiet energy 
because, I think,
I wasn't paying attention
and I,
well, I slowly leaned in to the Other
and they slowly 
leaned away

from me.

Oh Loneliness
I would like to call you
Friend again,
I would,
but I think it would be easier
if one of us moved
to Buffalo

1 comment:

  1. I like. Especially the last four lines of the first stanza and the last five lines of the last stanza. The words in parentheses are confusing to me.