Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holy Longing

I drive with my granddaughter
strapped snugly in her car seat
and as she begins to fall asleep
I begin to think of God

and in its familiar way
my throat aches with a longing
only a woman knows deeply:

to be seen and pursued 
accepted and embraced
with all my messy glory
without being too much
without being not enough
without being pushed away

and sometimes on the outside
when we are together
you and I
I am smiling and I am laughing
I am looking into your eyes
but on the inside
I am kneeling 
with my head slightly bowed
with my hands in prayer position


praying you will recognize
without any doubt
the Divinity that is in me
and also in you
and I find myself driving
and longing for transcendence
just a glimpse of eternity
some little love note
from the Universe

and there in the rearview mirror
is the face of a sleeping angel
and humbled by its beauty
I softly whisper,

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