Monday, December 9, 2013

Who Says...


Half an hour
maybe twenty minutes
into our first date he announces
in no uncertain terms and with 
deep, deep resignation,
“I’ve given up on finding a soul mate,”
which told me 
in no uncertain terms
that I wasn’t it, either.

I think I may have laughed. 

Yeah, I said, 
I think maybe
we’ve all been sold
a bill of goods about that,
don't you? 

I mean, 
I said, 
who says I have to find
one person out of the gazillion souls
walking the planet
my own private Neo 
(The One)
savior of my heart
some fantasy man
that is perfect for me
and only me?
Who says that
only then will I be happy
only then will I have done
this loving thing right?

I mean,
I said,
what if I’m supposed to love, like,
six more people - I don’t know, maybe 
ten more completely amazing men
in my lifetime and what if
there is no one perfect soul mate 
out there for me and what if I
want to give back
that bill of goods I've been sold
and just trade it in 
for a lifetime of loving well
whoever shows up next?